Amy and Kelly are the best: consumate pros in their field, highly profesional, reliable, and an excellent  staff.  They are true outliers in the field of managing estate sales in Fairflied County. I could not recommend them more highly. 
     I first met Kelly and Amy by chance at the estate sale at the home of Westport friends. The wife was especially efficient, particular and selective; managing multiple houseolds and had hired Within Reason CT to handle a whole array of tasks that are required to liquidate households.

     I ended up purchasing several remarkable pieces of furniture that we had always admired --including-a substantial, one-of-a kind coffee table from Shanghai. It is a prize and an unbeatable bargain, but at a fair price. Within Reason provided the trustworthy 'forum' in which this transaction could happen efficiently. I am a cautious lawyer and don't go to just any "tag sales', but I do follow Within Reason's Estate sales as I am always on the lookout for my next "unbeatable bargain". Thank you , Kelly & Amy!

E. Sullivan      October 2016    (Fairfield, CT)

     Penny and I would like to thank Amy, Kelly, and your team for a job well done.
     Clearly, what we thought was a challenging task, was handled with ease and great confidence. Particularly since we were in London  and the Estate Sale was managed and executed entirely by you and your team. 
     We highly recommend Within Reason. You folks took the stress out of our house move and that cannot be rated highly enough , 

Michael and Penny Watras     June 2016

     When we realized that we were leaving a fully-furnished, decorated home and moving into a new home with a ‘different look’ we concluded that we would have to sell a significant amount of furniture, rugs, gym equipment, etc.  The thought of selling items on eBay, via Craig’s List, a tag sale, etc. was daunting.  
     We had heard great things about Within Reason and we called Kelly Daniel and Amy Reehl.  They handled EVERYTHING for us.  They helped us price the items that we had for sale (it helps if you have a history of what you initially paid), set up the entire Estate Sale and sold a significant number of our items.  Following the estate sale, Within Reason took care of the balance of our items via their liquidation services. 
     When all was said and done, Kelly and Amy provided us a turnkey sale of a significant number of pieces.  Their high level of personal service and communication combined with their deep network of buyer relationships allowed us to sell merchandise in a much easier fashion than if we handed the sale ourselves.
     We highly recommend Within Reason and will use them for our next estate sale.  

Simone & Andrew McEntire   December 2014

After 36 years in our home, we have "downsized" to a smaller home in town.  In what seemed like an insurmountable mountain of selling, buying, donating, sorting, and moving 36 years of "stuff" and memories, we were overwhelmed.  In came Kelly and Amy!  They helped us sort and decide what to sell and what to donate. They held a fabulous sale with hundreds of people who happily carted away our "stuff". Then they arranged for our terrific mover, helped us donate what was left, and even had professional cleaners come in so that our house was far more that the required "broom clean" at the closing.  Thank you Kelly and Amy and all of your staff!

Scott and Melanie Barnard   May 2016


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